Hello World, It's Fremy!

Name: Frema Awuku

Profile: Full Stack Software Engineer

Email: frema.awuku@gmail.com

Phone: +1(678) 772-0157

Development Skills

Javascript 85%
React 70%
Python 75%
SQL|Sequelize|FlaskSQLAlchemy 80%
Restful API's 80%
HTML5 & CSS 75%
Express|Flask 80%
About me

My name is Frema Awuku (pronounced FRE-MA) but I like to go by Fremy!

The most important thing i've learned during my time as a developer is that you may think you'll know it all and still know nothing at all. This sentiment is one I've heard repeated from both junior and senior devs alike. I also learned that my years in technical experience does not surmount to my ability to find the answer and solve the problem at hand. I believe the struggles of life and the drives of my personal endeavors have prepared me for most roles I plan to fill. Anything I don't know, i'll learn. Any mistake I make, I accept, redraw and relearn. Any certainty I held, I'll allow to fall with hopes of a better understanding.

I'm looking to work in a team I can continuously learn form, expand to new teams and advance in my career as well as in the company. I look forward to hearing to any opportunities and challeneges you send my way! I am here to explore , explain, and share the way tech both changes me and the world around me!

Non-Technical Skills

Skills derived from various positions, roles, and projects throughout my lifetime

Product Development

As an Entrepreneur I've spent a lot of time putting in the necessary steps towards launching a product including Market Analysis,Supplier Inquisition/Relations, and Business Operations.

Self Starter

I spend a lot of energy divulging into passion projects that can either be technical or creative. This has given me the confidence to draft, plan, and execute big picture concepts or ideas.

Creative Design

From start to finish of a video I can write, storyboard, direct, film, edit, create music, and audio engineer that file. Adobe Premier Pro/Photoshop, Logic Pro, Fruity Loops.

Product/Market Research

Acquired skills in both in-person/online research. In depth competitor analysis and customer feedback to see market value of problem solved by product. Devised customer lifestyle profiles needed to do further research.

Empathy and Communication

I've been a caregiver, a nursery school teacher, and a dog walker. All things that require avid care and communications at different levels to address separate needs of those i'm providing care to.

Branding and Social Marketing

Whether it is driving the visibility of my own creative pursuits or potentially driving more customers to my website, being able to see what clicks and works with the right audience is keen to success.






first portfolio project


Python, FlaskSQLAlchemy, React, Redux,AWS Photo Upload, Javascript, Heroku / Oct. 2021


Python, FlaskSQLAlchemy, React, Redux,AWS Photo Upload,Google Maps API, Docker / Sep. 2021

Food Hub

Sequelize, Express,Javascript,CSS,HTML5, Pug / Aug. 2021